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Instow A History

Characters and Caricatures of North Devon

Cards, Poster and Postcards of local scenes by Sandra Yeo

By Paul Bura

About Paul Bura

The Oak on the Plain

Stepping to the Drummer

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Instow A History

Published Price: £21.00 + p&p 

  • Unique village project drawing together experts from diverse disciplines with input from all sections of the community

  • Co-authored by well known historian Dr Alison Grant

  • Winner of Devon History Society Book of the Year Award 2000

  • First edition sold out in 6 months

  • 196 pages

  • 16 colour pages

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We have numerous other photos of North Devon coast and rivers. Please ask.



From fossils to the future could be the subtitle for 'Instow - A History', a book published to mark the Millennium.
Historian and author Alison Grant researched the project and produced the first draft. From then on input from local people turned the exercise into a real community effort. The result is a glossy A4 hardback of 196 pages, packed with pictures and stories of the Parish past and present. Of the nearly 800 illustrations, 145 form 3x8 page colour sections.

Eminent figures from the past, such as 18th century engraver Ferdinand Bauer, feature along with 20th century heroes Sir Francis Chichester and David Shepherd (Shep), but this is primarily a story of ordinary folk through the ages: in peace and in war; sickness and in health; working - and playing - on the water and on the land.





Poster of
North Devon

48.5mm x 70mm

£4.95 + p&p
(inc. postal tube)

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Character and Caricatures of North Devon
by Victor Thompson

This charming booklet of 54-odd pages brings to life some of the most delightful and eccentric characters of our extraordinary area. A good read, amusing and informative.

£2.25 + p&p



Books by Paul Bura

Paul Bura is a Psychic, broadcaster, poet and writer. His books are informative and also great fun. We have previously only sold these books by word of mouth. Usually someone has seen a copy and wants one for themselves or for a special birthday or anniversary present. Paul paints a vivid pictures in his books, you are there with him in his adventures.


The Oak On The Plain

Published Price: £3.50 + p&p


The Oak is described as: 'A Mystical Tale for the Ecologically minded', and will find resonance with all age groups.

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Stepping To The Drummer

Published Price: £8.90 + p&p


'Stepping to the Drummer' is a book which has been long awaited by those who have followed Paul Bura's works and exploits over the years.
At last, Paul has put down the story of his extraordinary life onto paper to share with us the many rich and incredible experiences of his voyage through a life first marred by polio, then lifted by the development of his poetic and psychic gifts. Shot through with humour, passion, and a great understanding of what makes people truly human in an imperfect world, Drummer is a substantial compendium of recollections and anecdotes which entertain, sadden and lift the spirits all at once.
From down-to-earth tales of life in the entertainment business and stealing toilet chains from the Coronation Street set, to meetings with the ghosts of famous singers, conversations with disembodied entities and astounding interactions with crop circles and ancient sites, Paul's life story will resonate on many different levels in the hearts of those who join him for this remarkable journey.
Andy Thomas
Editor of SC journal and author of Vital Signs and other titles